Christopher Isene

Christopher Isene
This is my central point on the Internet, this is where you find me but also on my blog.
Father, husband, coder and collector of odd hardware.

Born in 1973 in Versailles, France by Swedish and Norwegian parents. Have lived in Belgium, were fluent in Vlams (spoken language in Belgium) and then later family moved to Sweden and I forgot the language, I can still tell the difference between Dutch and Vlams, I have always had an ear for languages and learnt (and forgotten) bits and pieces of both Finnish and Spanish. For fun I started out to learn Mandarin and Russian, never completed because life. Norwegian has always been close and I understand really difficult northern dialects.

Swedish citizen since 1983, before that Norwegian citizen, completed Swedish military duty in 1993 with above average grades.

Ever since the first computer arrived in the family home back in 1986, I have been coding, programming and exploring computers, BBS’s, the internets, tinkering with both software and hardware. Programming since the first day, many programming languages, dialects and technologies has been explored.

Met girlfriend in 2012, who later in 2014 became wife.

In 2013 our son was born, a new era in life begun.

In 2015 our small family moved from Eskilstuna to Västerås.