Current and Past


Integrationsbolaget Sverige

Working with Microsoft Azure.

December 2021, Västerås/Örebro

Past experiences:

Enfo Group (E-man AB)

Working with Microsoft Biztalk and Tibco BusinessWorks, both maintaining existing integrations and building new. E-man AB was bought by Enfo in 2016.

April 2014 – November 2021, Västerås

Quinyx Workforce Management

Maintained and developed web services and salary file generators for staffing and scheduling Software-as-a-Service. PHP + MySQL

February 2013 – April 2014, Stockholm

(Sick leave)

Burnt out.

October 2012 – February 2013, Eskilstuna

Improove i Stockholm AB

Maintaining several Swedish and Norwegian newspaper sites along with developing new features. PHP + MySQL

April 2012 – October 2012, Stockholm

Anbudspoolen TCS AB

Rewriting and restructuring an public procurement portal while maintaining current functionality. PHP + MySQL

May 2011 – April 2012, Eskilstuna

Byt Bil Nordic AB

Maintaining and developing new features and methods in webservices, data quality assurance and mapping/parsing/interpreting car dealer and manufacturer data. C# + T-SQL

April 2009 – May 2011, Kista/Stockholm

Dagens Spel i Stockholm AB

Maintaining and writing a new CMS/publication system for publishing sports and trot data in diverse channels, such as print and touch screens. PHP + MySQL

February 2008 – April 2009, Rissne/Stockholm

Webbstudion, Eskilstuna-Kuriren AB

Maintaining Web, DNS and POP3/IMAP servers as well as develop e-commerce sites, newspaper sites as campaign sites. Import/Export from customer offline systems. VBScript/ASP + PHP + T-SQL + MySQL

February 2001 – February 2008, Eskilstuna

Industriell DataDesign AB, IDD

Developed a regular multi-language company site with show room for Telecom/Avionics/Medical/Space/Mechatronics equipment and hardware as well as working with regular product support and sales support against mainly large Telecom-sector customers. Deep Intel chipset knowledge and some electronics construction. VBScript/ASP + AccessDB

August 1998 – February 2001, Eskilstuna