I enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures, cousines and ways of life.

I will try to list and summarize the countries I’ve been to and also list the ones I want to visit.

  • Germany, been there a few times, both as a child and later as an adult, latest visit May 2023.
  • Estonia, been there a few times, Tallinn was grey and cold in the winter, latest visit 2019.
  • Thailand, latest visit winter 2018.
  • Latvia, been there a few times, Riga is beautiful and vibrant city, latest visit summer 2018.
  • Finland, been there a few times, rural areas are beautiful, latest visit winter 2018.
  • Croatia, been there once, warm and welcoming atmosphere, good food and friendliness, latest visit 2016.
  • Norway, been there lots of times, half my family are Norwegians, kind of expensive, latest visit 2012.
  • Spain, been there a few times, really enjoy the food and the language, latest visit 2010.
  • Lithuania, been there once, Kaunas is an interesting city, nice people, latest visit 2007.
  • Denmark, been there a few times, have not spent that much time in country but people seems nice, latest visit 2006.
  • USA, been there twice, latest visit 2000.
  • England, been there a few times, latest visit 2000.
  • The Netherlands, been there a few times, latest visit 1999.
  • Belgium, my brother was born there and our family lived there for 3 years, latest visit 1978.
  • Monaco, I was there when I was a child.
  • Italy, I was there when I was a child.
  • Portugal, I was there when I was a child.
  • Switzerland, I was there when I was a child.
  • Austria, I was there when I was a child.
  • Luxemburg, I was there when I was a child.
  • France, I was born there and were living there for the first 1.5 years of my life, visited last when I was a little boy and have not considered visiting again.

There are countries I have heard lots of good things about and I have listed them without any order

  • Nepal, culture, food and people.
  • Ukraine
  • Poland, as I have been told the cities are beautiful and the food to be fantastic.
  • Vietnam, curious about Asia and Vietnam has lots of interesting food.
  • Laos, see Vietnam
  • Cambodia, see Vietnam
  • China, vast country with lots of variation between different ends of the country.
  • South Korea, see Vietnam
  • India, culture, food and people, urban and rural life.
  • Mexico, culture, food and people.
  • Cuba, culture, food and people.

There are a few countries I will not travel to nor set foot on, because reasons. These would be …

  • North Korea, as I hope of reunion between North and South.
  • Vatican state, as I do not think religions should have real estate.
  • Russia, as I do not think it is safe and will not support current regime.
  • Turkey, as I really do not like how current regime acted about certain groups of ethnic minorities.
  • Iraq, still too volatile.
  • Iran, would be interesting with another regime.
  • Israel, nope.

For the nerdiness in me, here is airports I have visited or set foot on.

  • ARN, Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden
  • BMA, Stockholm Bromma, Sweden
  • NYO, Nyköping Skavsta, Sweden
  • BKK, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Thailand
  • CNX, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • UTP, U-Tapao, Rayong, Thailand
  • TXL, Berlin Tegel, Germany
  • LHR, London Heathrow, GB
  • LGW, London Gatwick, GB
  • AGP, Malaga, Spain
  • DOH, Doha, Qatar
  • KUN, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • DBV, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • HEL, Helsinki, Finland
  • AMS, Schipol, The Netherlands
  • LAX, Los Angeles, USA
  • SFO, San Francisco, USA
  • SBP, San Luis Obispo, USA
  • BER, Berlin Brandenburg, Germany

As you may have noticed, there is a few blank spots here and there .. and that South America and Africa is missing, I have not been there. It would be interesting to visit countries in Africa and South America but I have yet to find inspiration going there. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

Above lists are subject to change, at some time or another. The only constant is change.